Innovative coating solutions and sustainable protection

CMP Protective Coatings is essentially designed to provide effective and sustainable anticorrosive protection. It is generally a high quality paint system made up of a number of layers of different paints - water resistant, sea water resistant, acid resistant, and weather resistant paints.

warehouse-duotone.svg Every discipline “ under one roof”
microscope-duotone.svg CMP has its own research and development department
earth-americas-duotone.svg Available worldwide
seedling-duotone.svg Focus on environmental and social contributions
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ISO Systems

CMP's protective coating systems are tested according to ISO 12944 and CX standard. Within the set standards, various system options are qualified.

“At CMP, we are committed to continuously develop and innovate in all kinds of ways. With respect for humans, animals and the environment”

Sander Koole Manager Laboratory & QA at Chugoku Paints B.V.
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CMP, established in 1917, has uniquely developed coatings as a core product for industrial use.

CMP is a leading paint manufacturer aiming to harmonize human activity with nature, endeavors to promote industrial growth with the environment in mind, and continues its creative and innovative approach to further customers satisfaction.

Working at CMP Europe

Working at CMP Europe, means working in a manufacturer environment where we believe people make a difference. Without our hard-working, team-oriented employees working towards the same goal, we wouldn’t be able to succeed as a company. We embrace diversity and are always looking forward to welcome more people at the CMP!

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