What has changed in the ISO 12944 2018 edition?

Changes to corrosion categories

The old C5-I and C5-M categories have been replaced with C5 for harsh onshore categories and by CX for offshore categories. 

Changes to durability categories

The low, medium and high categories remain but they are joined by very high. The durations which these categories relate to have also changed with low durability now up to 7 years and the new very high category relating to 25 years plus.

Changes to paint systems

The dry film thicknesses and paint systems now include minimum number of coats per coating type or technology and specify a minimum dry film thickness for the total system per corrosion category. 

Changes to laboratory test methods

Up to C4 high the test methods have not changed. However for C4 very high, C5 high and C5 very high, cyclic testing has been introduced to better replicate in-field conditions.

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